Live to Love, Love to Live

God loves you.  To live is to love…Love is the fruit of the Spirit, Therefore when we show love, we plant a seed for fruit to be released unto others. We must love in order to know how to truly live. Living is when we have love within our heart through the acts of unselfish behaviors and self improved goals.  I stir up my power through my  expression of love, so my living is  futile and my power can be used.

Spontaneously call someone today and say I thought about you today and  wanted you to know that God loves you and I love you too. Live to Love, Love to Live (2 Samuel 22:23) God is my strength and power; and he makes  my way perfect.

Peace and Blessings.

Author: Sirbria Thomas

I'm an Evangelist, charismatic leader, visionary, provocative thinker, and entrepreneur who serves as President of J.E.W.E.L.S, a non-profit humanitarian organization located in Los Angeles, CA.

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