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eMorial is a new Digital Memorial Display for Cemeteries, Mausoleums, and Roadside Memorials and Tribute Spots invented by Bryan Bonner.

This new digital monument product is weather-resistant, simulated or granite stone, plastic or plate glass, outdoor and indoor, voice or motion activated and controlled. It displays videos and/or slide shows of the desired information of a deceased individual(s), pet(s), group, or institution for the administrator’s desired duration.

eMorial is designed for public and/or private display and intended to assist an individual(s) and/or organization(s) in memorializing their loved one(s) or achievement(s). It contains its own power source and is sustained by solar, a/c, or d/c power.

With eMorial, you can browse photos and videos dedicated to memorializing your loved ones, their lives, and their achievements.

eMorial Products